Service Profile

Each year more customers than ever select California Relocation Services for their relocation needs. While reasons for this trend abound, one stands out above the rest:

"California Relocation Services
keeps the service promise
it makes to each and every customer."

We continue to grow, winning over more loyal customers everyday, but never at the expense of quality or ethics. California Relocation Services is known throughout the moving industry for putting its customers on a pedestal, and we've already got one with your name on it.

Over the years, we have found we cannot always offer the lowest price if we hope to retain the best people and maintain the levels of service you deserve and expect. To be sure, the cost of business continues to escalate. Therefore, in order to cut price we would have to cut back on our services by using inexperienced labor and/or poorly maintained vehicles and equipment. California Relocation Services does not, and will not, allow either. Despite competitive pressures, you may rest assured that California Relocation Services will never cut corners to reduce price. We will not allow impersonal or shoddy service. We will continue to provide maximum service while keeping our claims to a minimum. Finally, we will pay our people a reasonable wage, salary or commission so they have the incentive to serve you in the most professional and trustworthy manner possible. These are the ways we ensure that our service promise to you is never broken.

Think about our philosophy and exemplary record when you are selecting your transportation provider. We firmly believe that quality service is remembered long after price has been forgotten. Our associates, drivers and employees are skilled professionals who supply real service, not lip service. They know we move more than your boxes and furniture - We move your life.

Choosing California Relocation Services is the best move you will ever make, and we hope you offer us the opportunity to prove it.